Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Classic Trek.

I've been busy playing Lord of the Rings Online, and I have been found neglecting my duties as a starfleet officer.   So I jumped back on this week (yippee lifetime account!!) and found out that Cryptic Studios has put a bundle of goodies into their store that makes any Original ST fan jump for joy.   They have packed in the original costumes for your character, shuttle craft, and a phaser that levels as you level.   The best of course is the new ship interior .. or old/new interior depending on how you look at it.   I can visit the med bay, conference room etc, and they look great.   Kudos for bringing these out.    I'm looking forward to seeing new missions use the interior of your ship .. it's going to be cool.   Anyway, after spending $18 on this pack (which is for ALL your characters ... take that Turbine!!) here are some pics o' my newly redesigned ship:

A Ferengi on the original Enterprise??  Oh yeah!

Geekiddy Geekiddy Geekiddy

Now where did I put that flux capacitor??

Come to my conference room, and lets discuss why you don't play Star Trek Online.

One of the most common rooms on the Enterprise... notice that red shirts don't make it to sick bay ;)

Now I really love playing in the realm of Middle-Earth, but when I do dip back into Star Trek Online there is a sense of ... 'Why haven't I been playing this more'?   It's a good thing to feel, and I'm happy that Cryptic continues to make STO a fun and enjoyable game to come back to again and again. 

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