Monday, August 23, 2010

Help for the Hurting.

Tired tonight, probably because of lack of sleep.   Anyways, as most of us in  North America are guilty of not acknowledging the great need in Pakistan, due to the massive flooding they've experienced.

The flooding dwarfs the Haiti earthquake, or the Tsunami that hit Indonesia years ago.    I was watching the news for a little bit, and it's eye opening as the huge amount of damage that the flooding has caused.

I figured that the least I can do is provide a link to World Vision Canada, as they are doing some great stuff in Pakistan, and are a front-line organization during this crisis.    Help if you can, by clicking here.

Not much happening today, I was reading 'Pagan Christianity' by Frank Viola and George Barna, who were trying to point out many of the traditions that we employ in our Churches that derive from Pagan sources.  Strange book.   I understand some of their thoughts, and I enjoy the challenge that they put forth on traditional Churches.   I don't agree with some of them.   But interesting nonetheless.

I've always had the idea that our traditions, whether cultural, or from the Church held us back from experiencing what New Testament early Church was like, and in turn stagnate our growth as believers.   But, then again, most anything humanity has influenced in anyway is far from perfect.  I'm not going to link this book under Amazon, just because I'm yet convinced of the truth in its pages, but I still think it's an interesting read.

Onto Other Things:

Once more I hear of another person who has succumbed to alcoholism, and it makes me sad to think of the impact THAT is having on his family, his job, and friends.   It's a hard disease to overcome.  His mother was distraught about his condition.   Thank the Lord he's getting some help, but it's a hard climb out of the bottle.

On a lighter note:
I love fresh field tomato's, and I'm fortunate that my mother grew some this year.    I love my tomato sandwiches, with whipped dressing (not mayo), white onion, salt and pepper, all on rye german bread    Tastes sooo good.  I think I ate too much, thank goodness tomato's are healthy.

Tried to work on Lotro tonight, but the lag on my computer was too much.   Really wish I had a different internet provider.   Evil 3 year plan.

Planning for a yard sale this weekend.  Should be good.  I'm going to put a whole bunch of geeky things out for people.  Still need to clean-up the garage, and find things for the sale.

Time to head for bed, or think about heading to bed.    Laters peeps.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blurb ..

Just another quick blurb before I head to sleep.   I spent some time at and they had a great podcast, as they always seem to ... all about lotro (lord of the rings online).   They talked a bit about the Free to play program that 's coming out in September.   I can't wait, it should be fairly decent.

In my previous post, I mentioned my brother's birthday.  Well, everything went really well, he enjoyed the gifts, and of course we went out the Crabby Joe's in Kincardine to eat a wonderful meal.   No zombie apocolypse, but maybe tomorrow.

Heard a pretty decent sermon on the Prodigal Son, and my pastor referred the term Prodigal to mean basically ... how you spent your money.    That's different than what many perceive to mean something to do about how the Son returned home.    Ug, I really need to learn to spend my money better, and not waste it.   Love learning new things about old stories.   I find that when I look at the story of the Prodigal son, I really identify with the older brother .. and I'm sure that many 'long-time' Christians do as well.   It's easy for Pride to swell up in us, and quench the excitement that we should have when someone comes to a saving knowledge of Christ.   I think that's a problem when we've become to established in our little world sometimes, and I think this stressed the importance of not only evangelism, but of getting young people into the Church, to ignite the calling of God in the lives of older people.   Living long is fine, but living long in our complacency is damaging.   Just my thought.    I wish I was more like the Father though ... forgiving, and excited when people change from darkness to light.

Other news today ...
Headed to Hanover, and hung out with some buddies of mine.  Spent most of the time chilling in Middle-Earth, and worked a bit on my minstrel, whom I have been neglecting for about a year or so.   It was nice doing some questing with friends.   Though I love online gaming, especially mmo's, I really enjoy being in the same room with friends gaming, rather than talking over a headset.

Going to be a  rainy day tomorrow, and I sort of dread going to my day job, though its only for 6 hours.   Thankfully I have a holiday from the youth center.   I really need to work on the lawn, or the garage, depending on how much rain we get.

Alrighty, time for sleep.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Holiday time again :)

Ah, time once again to go on a holiday.  Yup, I have 2 weeks off of the youth center.   I do hope that I have a chance to hit the beach, catch some sun, and successfully avoid drowning in the clear clean waters of Georgian Bay.   Funny enough, I will probably grab as many hours at my community living job that I can.  I need to do alot of clean up around the house/lot that I can.    Somewhere I plan to have fun and relax, just not sure when.

When I return to the youth center I have 3 weeks go get things all sorted out for my departure.   Looking forward to moving on, and allowing God to move me where He wants me to go, and in turn move the youth center in the direction that it needs to go.

I've been working a bit on Lotro, just doing some stuff on my Rune keeper.   Finally moved past book 1, and half-way through book two.   I think part of my vacation will entail visiting middle-earth and getting ahead of the crowds of people that will start playing the game when 'Free-to-play' comes into effect September 10th.

I'm also thinking about organizing my blog a bit, to give daily themes, and studies.   This is going to take alot of discipline.   Hope it works.  I'm hoping to introduce new themes within a week or two.

It's my brother's birthday tomorrow.  I picked up the Zombie Survival guide for him, as well as a Tim's Card. Never know what to get the guy.   Either way, when the Zombie apocalypse comes, he'll survive.  That's a good thing.

I'm thinking I should write a book called ' The Church Zombie Guide' -- The Bible, real brain food;  How to fight zombie infection; Worship, Thankfulness, Prayer, and Fellowship, 4 Shotgun shells of Faith;  Loving the Undead, while staying alive;    

I'll follow that up with 'Vampire guide to the Christian faith' -- How Christ lifts us up when we think that life SUCKS; God doesn't make mis-STAKES; and Faith that you can sink your teeth into.

Anywhoo, time to say goodnight to insanity.  My, its late.   Until next time... toodles.
(originally written July 21st @ 1:30 am.)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Monday

So this was my first back to work at Community Living, after a week of lovely holidays.   Leading up to the first day of work, I'm always apprehensive, and dreading going back into the proverbial grind.    Of course when I actually got back to work everything seemed back to normal.    Still, I'll miss the times when I could sleep in.

I've been doing alot of gaming on Lord of the Rings Online (Lotro), and working on my Rune keeper on Landroval server.  I really like the general feel of the community on Landroval, as opposed to the Firefoot server.   People are at the Prancing Pony inn playing music, or doing stories, really good feel.    Anyways, my runekeeper is level 22 (yaaa), and delving into the Lone-Lands.   Lots of fun.

The website .. a casual stroll to mordor celebrated their one year anniversary.  Kudos to them.   Definitely the most entertaining source of Lotro on the web.  They did have an anniversary party on Landroval last Saturday night.  Complete with Hiders and Seekers game, Riddle contest, and lots of music from a Lotro band.   Seriously sweet.

I watched the movie 'Moon' that my pastor lent me.   A really great Sci-fi flick based on the Moon (go figure).   It was really well done, and was amazingly done considering that it was done with a budget of $5 million.  The story was really well developed.   I'll put a link to it at the bottom if your interested.

I heard that George Lucas is releasing the Star Wars series on Blu-ray in 2011.  There's even some deleted scenes that will be included.   Knowing Lucas, the transfer will be top-notch.

The movie Expendables was #1 this past weekend in the box-office.    Again, great action movie.

Time to head to bed,  gotta work tomorrow.  :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Expendables Uncovered

Ok, so this year we've had some awesome action movies, there was the Losers, and then there was A-Team.   Really good action movies.  There's Inception as well, but it was more of a thinker than and all out action bonanza.

The Expendables is the best, most adrenaline pumping action movie of the summer bar none.   If you like action movies... well, this is the one to go to.

Now, be warned, there are a couple F-Bombs, and the violence can get intense .. but if these things don't bother you, well, again.  see this movie.

I really enjoy the fact that all of the characters get some good screen time, and really ... it's great to see Dolph Lungren do a great job.  

The highlight of the movie though is Mickey Rourke, and the humanity that he brings to his scenes.   There's one monologue that he has, that really brings heart and soul to the picture.  

This is Stallone's baby, and he's really done a great job directing this movie.

Like I've mentioned ... definatly NOT a family friendly film.   But if your a fan of the action genre, this one has got it all.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Under the Law

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted.   Not that anyone REALLY reads my rants, but I hope to keep these thoughts o' mine coming more regularly.   I was reading Romans 7-8 today.  No easy task, and the theological big-wigs always seem to have a hay-day with these passages, as they contain some important things that relate, to not only our future destination, and the treatment of the old testament laws, but it even talks about eternal bodies, and groaning of creation.    Crazy stuff, I know, but all relevant to our faith.

I've always struggled with the Apostle Paul and his writings for a few reasons, a) He comes from a legalistic background, Old time Church leadership aka. Pharisee.   b) His immediate rise in the Christian Church.    When I look at the new testament you have the teachings of Jesus, which really goes against the legalistic doctrine of the leaders at the time, and then when you take a look at Paul's writing, its easy for me to see him bringing legalism back to the Church.   Was it easy for Paul to change his legalistic view of the law, and as a convert to Christianity to just leave everything at the door?

I don't think so, and I think that's where we get some neat stuff in Romans that talks about how the power of the law being nil and void, because of the grace of Christ, and how the Holy Spirit takes over from where the law began.   I like to think of it as ... before you needed to use your HEAD -- intellect and learn the laws.. but NOW  because of the work of the spirit it becomes a FAITH thing.   The holy spirit convicts, and corrects ... thanks to the work of Christ on the cross.    Before .. intellectually we had to figure stuff out, and hope we get sin out of our life. 

Isn't it awesome that the Holy Spirit now resides in us!! The power of sin in death is no more!!  Not because of our intellect, or understanding .. but on the grace of God, our faith in Him.

I still have some troubles with Paul, but that's my problem.   What I do love, is that he acknowledges the struggle he has with sin, and how he embraces ... and in turn how we need to embrace, the faith in God and the grace of God, which  delivers us from sin.

On to boring stuff...

Went to the beach today (2nd time this week)... the water was SO refreshing.   Enjoying my week off from one of my jobs.. basically it means that I get to sleep in.

Played some Lord of the Rings Online today, getting my runekeeper closer to lvl 40.   Did some quests in Esteldin, then headed to Rivendale, and now I'm in the Trollshaws.   So much questing to do.   I'm following the Book quests, which are side quests to the main story to Lord of the Rings.   I'm hunting the trail of  a Ringwraith.  Scary stuff.  

I cut some grass today.   Lawn probably won't be done until Friday.   I'm also repainting parts of moms mini-van that are being afflicted with rust.  Endless battle.

Finally, kind of a neat song from Children 18:3 ... to encourage you if you feel like you have nothing to offer.   God loves you, and He's your biggest cheerleader in your life.   Your the best!