Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Under the Law

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted.   Not that anyone REALLY reads my rants, but I hope to keep these thoughts o' mine coming more regularly.   I was reading Romans 7-8 today.  No easy task, and the theological big-wigs always seem to have a hay-day with these passages, as they contain some important things that relate, to not only our future destination, and the treatment of the old testament laws, but it even talks about eternal bodies, and groaning of creation.    Crazy stuff, I know, but all relevant to our faith.

I've always struggled with the Apostle Paul and his writings for a few reasons, a) He comes from a legalistic background, Old time Church leadership aka. Pharisee.   b) His immediate rise in the Christian Church.    When I look at the new testament you have the teachings of Jesus, which really goes against the legalistic doctrine of the leaders at the time, and then when you take a look at Paul's writing, its easy for me to see him bringing legalism back to the Church.   Was it easy for Paul to change his legalistic view of the law, and as a convert to Christianity to just leave everything at the door?

I don't think so, and I think that's where we get some neat stuff in Romans that talks about how the power of the law being nil and void, because of the grace of Christ, and how the Holy Spirit takes over from where the law began.   I like to think of it as ... before you needed to use your HEAD -- intellect and learn the laws.. but NOW  because of the work of the spirit it becomes a FAITH thing.   The holy spirit convicts, and corrects ... thanks to the work of Christ on the cross.    Before .. intellectually we had to figure stuff out, and hope we get sin out of our life. 

Isn't it awesome that the Holy Spirit now resides in us!! The power of sin in death is no more!!  Not because of our intellect, or understanding .. but on the grace of God, our faith in Him.

I still have some troubles with Paul, but that's my problem.   What I do love, is that he acknowledges the struggle he has with sin, and how he embraces ... and in turn how we need to embrace, the faith in God and the grace of God, which  delivers us from sin.

On to boring stuff...

Went to the beach today (2nd time this week)... the water was SO refreshing.   Enjoying my week off from one of my jobs.. basically it means that I get to sleep in.

Played some Lord of the Rings Online today, getting my runekeeper closer to lvl 40.   Did some quests in Esteldin, then headed to Rivendale, and now I'm in the Trollshaws.   So much questing to do.   I'm following the Book quests, which are side quests to the main story to Lord of the Rings.   I'm hunting the trail of  a Ringwraith.  Scary stuff.  

I cut some grass today.   Lawn probably won't be done until Friday.   I'm also repainting parts of moms mini-van that are being afflicted with rust.  Endless battle.

Finally, kind of a neat song from Children 18:3 ... to encourage you if you feel like you have nothing to offer.   God loves you, and He's your biggest cheerleader in your life.   Your the best!

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