Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's under the hood?

Batman: Under the Red Hood [Blu-ray]As the title may suggest, I picked up the new offering from Warner Bros.   ... DC's Batman: Under the Red Hood.   It's a great movie that explores the relationship between Batman and his former protege .. Jason Todd ... aka Robin.   Lots of fun, and definately recommended.   I didn't pick up Clash of the Titans as I  have seen the movie around 4x in the theater.  Needless to say, great movie.   Though the '3D version that hit the theaters wasn't worth the extra money you need to dish out to see it.

Personally, nothing to much, but I'll point-form some of the events, because I've been slacking in doing these posts.  Shame.... for shame.  I know, but here we go....

- Went to the beach... like 2x this week.   Love the water, the air, the sand between my toes.  

- Church BBQ happened last weekend.   Though the day was cloudy, and it did rain early on, it was relatively dry by the time the event started.   I almost missed it due to a nice long nap I had in the afternoon.   Lots of people showed up, not as many as in other years though.    Hope the weather is BETTER next year.

- Got to play Lord of the Rings Online again on my desktop.   Great stuff, though it took a letter to the CRTC to get anything done.   Hope I don't have anymore problems with my internet provider.

- Downloaded patch for Star Trek Online.   2gig ... 2 GIG!!  But ... it was worth it.   I can now explore my own ship, and I even have a Captain's office.   Will talk about it a bit more after I've played more of the game.

- My youth center is getting an overhaul.   Trouble is... is that until all the painting is done, and the re-arranging is completed ... it's not really a place for the teens .. nothing to do.    Everything should be more 'sane' next week.   I will say that the center is looking very cool, and I think it will draw in many teens in the future.

- Signed up for DC Universe Online.   Looks like a great game.    As if I need another MMO.

- Went to Hanover over the weekend... played some Risk.    I am NOT the person to play risk.  I'm way to conniving and competative when it comes to this game.   But, it was lots of fun.

- Been working on my Runekeeper in LOTRO.. mostly doing some scholaring.   lots of crafting.  

- Saw a deer cross the road close to my home.   The Lord continues to keep me safe  in the car.   STAY AWAY FROM MY CAR evil wildlife.

- Temperature's cooling off.   Finally.

Alright, that's all for today.

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