Monday, July 5, 2010

Heating up.

A hot and muggy day... thank the Lord for air conditioners.   I heard in Toronto that there were some transformers that blew up, and caused a power outtage in the downtown core.   Crazy stuff.

I had soccer with the teens from the youth center tonight. ... well, I would of, if any showed up.   I was very thankful, and I was hoping that they were swimming instead.

Despite the heat, I still went for a great walk tonight.  Going the same distance all week, and then increasing the distance by next week.   Slowly working up to walking further and further.   I would like to do a country block by the end of summer.  Shouldn't be too hard but we'll see.

On a neat note, I received an invitation to go to a Blue Jays game this Saturday.    I don't care for baseball, but Street eats (mmm. sausage on a bun served by a street vendor) seems to be what I'm most excited about.   Strange, I'm trying to lose weight, but desire sausage still the same.

Reminds me of the Apostle Paul's talk about doing what you know is wrong, desiring THAT instead of what you know is right.  .. and yes, very much that's a paraphrase.    It's the constant battle of the Sin nature waging its war against our spirit/flesh .. but in my case it's the healthy choice versus delicious sausages.  

I try to justify the munching on food by thinking, "hey, I'll just do more walking.", or "I'll make it up tomorrow, yeah tomorrow I'll eat healthier."   It's funny and sad at the same time how many times we do that with our actions, words, and thoughts.  

On  a more addictive note, I got on my Age of Conan account .. it appears I gained like 21 levels (you gain one level for every 4 days you don't play the account.)   So, er.. 21 levels, that tells you how often I play the game.   As the name suggests, "Age of Conan" takes place in the world of Conan the Barbarian (Hyboria), and it has some great combat, and super graphics.    Not a game for little ones as it has mature content and lots o' blood.   The combat system is great, and it is fun.   For a bit.   I played the game for awhile, hit one of the main cities, and lagged ... big time.   So .... I suppose I'll just have to put the game on the shelf for a bit longer.   At this rate, I'll hit lvl 80 without playing a bit.

You know a game is a grind fest (constantly questing and doing meaningless tasks just for xp) when you give out free levels for NOT playing.    Its like the game makers say .. "Hey, its a great game in the begining, and end.... the middle stuff doesn't matter much, ignore it really ... nothing to write home about.    But wait 'til the end, yeah that's where the game shines"  *chortle*

Some people in the Church think its the same way ... the important message of salvation, the end is what matters ... heavenly glory, kingdom come.     Now true, our hope is in the future, but the present is also important to God.   How we live every moment we live and breathe, how we worship HIM through everyday life.   .... When you truly embrace the passion of God, of what He wants, what He desires from you ... well, then life becomes less of a grind fest doesn't it.   It's not the same old same old, it becomes What is God going to do in me, and through me today.

It's my prayer that you life isn't a grind fest, but that you know the renewal of God in your life, every day.

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