Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Such a Loser!!

The Losers (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

Ok, Blu-ray pick this Tuesday (and maybe a regular column here every Tuesday) is definately 'The losers.   This movie really surprised me when I went to the Theater to see it, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but after watching it, I found a rather entertaining, fast-shooting, comedic action movie that serves to drive home fun to the watcher.  Well, ok, at least to me.    Some people think the plot may be to thin, but personally, it's a great fun movie.  

Another movie I can't wait to come out, that has the same sort of sensibility is the A-team.   Both movies are sort of the same caliber (pun intended).   Though Sylvain White's direction in the Losers makes it the superior film.   

Sylvain captured the 'comic book' moment's in the movie just fine.  Oh, yeah, this movie is based on the DC comic of the same name. 
By the way, even though I'm pulling out ads to by stuff at Amazon, these things are seriously cheaper than at your local store.   If you trust the safety of the internet hehe.

Ok, so, on a more personal note, I went to work, everything went great.   I came Home took my mother to the Hanover Bible bookstore .. so much better than in Owen Sound.   I came home and ate a great supper.   Kudos to the chicken cookers at Zehrs.   I went for a great walk tonight, 'thank you Lord for the breath I breathe.'    

So, a couple mind probes today.    First, I did pick up the Loser's Blu-ray, and I'm cheezed at how much I'm being charged now on these purchases.   The disk is $32.99 .. now add 15% tax, and now I'm paying over $37 for a movie.   Of course I'm upset because of the new tax, but I'm even more upset at a movie industry that is charging me  $32.99 for a Blu-ray movie.   Albeit the edition I picked up included a DVD version, and a digital copy.   BUT think about this the next time you pick up a  Blu-ray/DVD ... a) how much are you actually going to watch the said movie, and b) is there an alternative?

With the emerging of decent internet services for most people, Direct download services, like Netflix coming to Canada, this will be the viable option ... especially for those artsy films that you may only watch once.   It will be cheaper than renting from a store (goodbye Video industry), and it will a) save the environment in the end b) save shelf space so now you'll have a place for those things called 'books'.

Until Netflix arrives, and the capability of streaming video becomes an option for the masses, one way to save some money, for those much sought after movies is to check out Blockbuster, who after a few weeks of release, you will find the previously watched discs on for considerably less than in retail.    Sadly enough, it's Netflix's impact on the dvd market that is hurting Blockbuster in the states.    Who knows if we'll see any movie rental stores 10 years from now.

Next Tuesday: 2 great movies being released -- Clash of the Titans, and Batman: Under the Red Hood.

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