Sunday, July 4, 2010

'nother fine Sunday

Fairly decent day, went to Church this morning, heard a decent sermon 'Extreme Makeover' ala. how God changes us, and how our change affects others.   Big word bite ... Love.   Yup, simple word with big daddy implications.   Ok, so I'm oversimplifying it, but needless to say, it was a good sermon.  I came home, and took a nap... woke up, ate some cereal, and headed to the city to pick up a tent.   It's a 6-man tent, decent sale, on for $130, reg. price $260.   I find sales very deceptive in concept, when you think of it, the retailer is still making a profit on the $130 sale .... just think of the profit on the $260 sale.   Makes me wonder.    I bought the tent in Canadian Tire, a good enough store, with lots of item, but I find it strange that whenever you go in, the store is packed with sales.   Sometimes its hard to find anything that isn't on sale.   I'm wondering if anything is really on sale, or they just figure people will buy whatever has a red sales sign on it.    Oh well.  I gave into it anyways.

So now I have a tent, hmm.. perhaps I should go tenting, but not quite sure when or where to go.    I like the idea of tenting, of going out in the wild, fighting off the elements like ... public KOA bathrooms, mosquitos the size of Pinto's, and the beauty of sleeping on not so comfortable mattress.   It's part of manhood, and the great 'Getting in touch with your inner man' experience.   *sigh* well, maybe someday I'll figure this thing out.    Camping has gotten alot easier these days though.   They (Canadian Tire) actually sells a camping stove ..with and OVEN!    Not only that, but items to make a hot bath, sink, shower, a whack load of different lights, and coolers.   But an oven ... seriously how cool is that.   Nothing says getting into the wild like throwing in a frozen pizza, or baking an apple pie.   Ok I jest.   But camping is ALOT simpler than when I remember as a kid.   ... and no, I didn't pick up the oven.   Now if they had a propane driven Microwave.. that would be a different story.

Took another long walk tonight, feels good to take in the night air, and to feel better about the coffee and cherry cheese danish I had at Tim Hortons in the afternoon.    I also did a couple dungeons in Wow, so that was kind of fun.   Used my Paladin which I haven't used in awhile.

Might do some gaming tonight, put on some Mass Effect 2, or watch some Stargate SG-1.

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