Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Cut above the rest

The lawn is done, for another week which is great, and most important ... Germany triumphed over Argentina .. 4-0, awesome football match.    Hope Germany can keep it up when they go up against Spain on Wednesday.   

Not much happened today, went for a beautiful walk, and just tried to do some minor mmo'ing today.    A little of everything, from Wow, to Star Trek Online.   I'm still rather miffed at my internet company not allowing me to play Lord of the Rings Online.   Going to have to give them another call this week, and also check out with the CRTC about the rules on Back-throttling.  If I'm right there's a 30-60 day notice that they have to give when an internet company does that.

I'm attempting to watch Star Wars ep. 1 on dvd... but its really difficult.   I think I might watch Stargate SG-1 instead.  It doesn't have Jar Jar... so it rules.

When watching ep. 1 I'm astounded at the incredible badness of it.   I think Lucas has a problem in writing humor in his movies, or he's one of those guys that even though he's old, he tries to be 'hip' to the younger generation.   When droids go 'Roger-roger' ... it makes me cringe, when Jar-jar says 'Exqueeze me' it's a disaster.   

It would of been interesting to see the difference if the folks at Bioware, creators of Knights of the Old Republic, wrote Episode 1 instead.   *sigh*.. guess we'll never know, but I do know that it would've been better that what Lucas did.

Lucas is an ideas guy, and a guy that surrounds himself with people to get things done.   But he shouldn't write. lol, maybe I'm being too harsh, but watching ep. 1 tonight was really painful.

Time to get some rest.   Last night's sleep was horrible, and made me very cranky today.   Hope tonights better.

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