Friday, July 2, 2010

A Movie to laugh at.

Had a pretty decent day today.   I finished the back part of the yard, cutting the grass, and I even did the front ditches before heading to work to run off a new Prayer Calender for the youth center.   .... Yaaa July!   Good news, the awning is up at the youth center, didn't take a picture of it, but I should of ... maybe next week I'll actually remember and put one up.

The front door to the center is bright red again... YES!  I like it when the youth center doesn't look scummy, but presentable.

Lots of kids came out this afternoon, and only one youth came out tonight.   Not sure what's happening, but with the hottest yardsale in town tommorrow, and the big rock concert happening (aka. don't drive to Owen Sound), who knows whats up with the kids.

Took one of my volunteers out for supper at Montana's for a birthday celebration.  Good times were had, and my belly was full of rib and chicken awesomeness.   Also entered a draw for a bbq, mmm... shiny bbq.

So the night was pretty much a right off, since the one teen we had went home at 8:30 .. so we (2 volunteers and myself) went out to see Grown-Ups.   Great movie, lots of laughs.   *sigh* I need  a woman in my life. I think I always get this way when I see family films.  *double sigh*.   But, like I said great movie.

So task for tommorrow... finish cutting the lawn, and try to find out where the leak of water is coming into the house is from.

Work in progress --- internet company is 'back throttling' my connection.   So, in essence, they blocked my Lord of the Rings Online usage, because their servers can't handle it.   Though I have other games I could play, Lotro is my main one, and my connection (besides using the telephone, but seriously, who phones these days ..hehe) to my friends in Hanover.   I'm really not sure if what my internet company is doing is right, but since I live in the boonies, I don't know if I have another choice than to stick with them.   I need to check out my contract again.   UG.     On a positive note, I should be doing more writing than gaming anyways, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

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