Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a quick note.

Ok, no fancy graphics or anything, but I just wanted to write SOMETHING down .... get into the habit of doing these blogs regularly.  More for my benefit than anybody else's I suppose.

Today I was back to work, and really didn't want to be.   I miss my holidays already.  Funny thing is, is that even if I did continue my holidays I' d probably be bored to death hehe.

Work went fine, and my other job at the youth center was 'meh'.   The drop-in center is still a mess, the painting isn't all done.  Hopefully by Wednesday everything will be completed.   No teens showed up for soccer, but the volunteers and myself went to see the movie 'Inception' with Leo Decaprio.   I think this is the first Decaprio movie I've seen since Titanic.   Strangely the end of both movies included copious amounts of water.  Go figure. On a more absurd note, I put a new battery in my tribble.  yes, I have an exact replica of a tribble from Star Trek in my room.   It makes the purring noise as well as the ... attacking noise (when Klingon's are around).   Funny stuff... very geeky, very me.

I prefer a Tribble to most pets, less hassle and no mouth to feed.   Remember don't feed the tribble, they'll multiply you out of your home ;)

I signed up for DC Universe Online Beta.   Ya, I know, I don't need to play another MMO, but this one should be fun to check out, espcially if I get into the FREE beta!

Anyway, off to bed, though I might read a couple pages from Star Wars the Old Republic.    So far a fun read, though it was a bit slow at the begining.  Though alot of books tend to be that way.


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