Thursday, July 15, 2010

Being an Apprentice

Woke up this morning, and finished cutting the grass.  So glad I finished it before the rain started to come down. Took me the better part of the day to cut everything, but all is done, at least for this week.

I went to the movies and saw Sorcerer's Apprentice, which turned out to be a pretty decent movie.   If you go out to see it, there is a little blip at the end of the credits, but almost isn't worth sticking around to watch.  Really, better off to youtube it.

It did rain pretty hard today, but I was able to pull of a pic of a beautiful bit of a rainbow that was taken from my balcony.  

I love rainbows, and the promise that the rain will eventually end.

Played a bit of Star Trek Online today ... been doing that quite a bit on my holidays, but I finally made it to Captain in the game, which means new ship, and more abilities.   All good.   I still have plenty of levels to go before I reach  Admiral, or is it Vice Admiral??  Lots of adventuring either way you put it.

I put my camping plans on hiatus, and I'm glad I did, with all the rain coming down and all that.   I'm still thinking of going to the airshow in Midland, Ontario to check out the battle of Britain demonstration.   Should be lots of fun.   The planes of WWII were amazing, simple, and just plain cool to look at.

Well, its been a day.   Blessings.

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