Friday, July 16, 2010

Music of the Old Republic

Today was another fine day, got a chance to head to Sauble Beach again, had a little more waves, which in turn meant more body surfing in the water.   Lotsa fun.   I also picked up the new Star Wars 'The Old Republic' novel called 'Fatal Alliance', with author Sean Williams.    So far great read, and it's getting me a little Stoked about the Old republic MMO coming out next year from the fine folks at Bioware.    This is going to be an epic game, that will undoubtedly put the Star Wars movies to shame.   The quality of the storytelling and the immersiveness of it is going to be awesome.

Check out some of the music for the game here.

Ok, tomorrow should be fairly decent, I'm going to an air show in Midland.   I'll be posting some pics of the action on the blog for your enjoyment.

Anyways, I'm off, but not before I put up a link to the Old republic book.


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