Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blurb ..

Just another quick blurb before I head to sleep.   I spent some time at and they had a great podcast, as they always seem to ... all about lotro (lord of the rings online).   They talked a bit about the Free to play program that 's coming out in September.   I can't wait, it should be fairly decent.

In my previous post, I mentioned my brother's birthday.  Well, everything went really well, he enjoyed the gifts, and of course we went out the Crabby Joe's in Kincardine to eat a wonderful meal.   No zombie apocolypse, but maybe tomorrow.

Heard a pretty decent sermon on the Prodigal Son, and my pastor referred the term Prodigal to mean basically ... how you spent your money.    That's different than what many perceive to mean something to do about how the Son returned home.    Ug, I really need to learn to spend my money better, and not waste it.   Love learning new things about old stories.   I find that when I look at the story of the Prodigal son, I really identify with the older brother .. and I'm sure that many 'long-time' Christians do as well.   It's easy for Pride to swell up in us, and quench the excitement that we should have when someone comes to a saving knowledge of Christ.   I think that's a problem when we've become to established in our little world sometimes, and I think this stressed the importance of not only evangelism, but of getting young people into the Church, to ignite the calling of God in the lives of older people.   Living long is fine, but living long in our complacency is damaging.   Just my thought.    I wish I was more like the Father though ... forgiving, and excited when people change from darkness to light.

Other news today ...
Headed to Hanover, and hung out with some buddies of mine.  Spent most of the time chilling in Middle-Earth, and worked a bit on my minstrel, whom I have been neglecting for about a year or so.   It was nice doing some questing with friends.   Though I love online gaming, especially mmo's, I really enjoy being in the same room with friends gaming, rather than talking over a headset.

Going to be a  rainy day tomorrow, and I sort of dread going to my day job, though its only for 6 hours.   Thankfully I have a holiday from the youth center.   I really need to work on the lawn, or the garage, depending on how much rain we get.

Alrighty, time for sleep.

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