Monday, August 23, 2010

Help for the Hurting.

Tired tonight, probably because of lack of sleep.   Anyways, as most of us in  North America are guilty of not acknowledging the great need in Pakistan, due to the massive flooding they've experienced.

The flooding dwarfs the Haiti earthquake, or the Tsunami that hit Indonesia years ago.    I was watching the news for a little bit, and it's eye opening as the huge amount of damage that the flooding has caused.

I figured that the least I can do is provide a link to World Vision Canada, as they are doing some great stuff in Pakistan, and are a front-line organization during this crisis.    Help if you can, by clicking here.

Not much happening today, I was reading 'Pagan Christianity' by Frank Viola and George Barna, who were trying to point out many of the traditions that we employ in our Churches that derive from Pagan sources.  Strange book.   I understand some of their thoughts, and I enjoy the challenge that they put forth on traditional Churches.   I don't agree with some of them.   But interesting nonetheless.

I've always had the idea that our traditions, whether cultural, or from the Church held us back from experiencing what New Testament early Church was like, and in turn stagnate our growth as believers.   But, then again, most anything humanity has influenced in anyway is far from perfect.  I'm not going to link this book under Amazon, just because I'm yet convinced of the truth in its pages, but I still think it's an interesting read.

Onto Other Things:

Once more I hear of another person who has succumbed to alcoholism, and it makes me sad to think of the impact THAT is having on his family, his job, and friends.   It's a hard disease to overcome.  His mother was distraught about his condition.   Thank the Lord he's getting some help, but it's a hard climb out of the bottle.

On a lighter note:
I love fresh field tomato's, and I'm fortunate that my mother grew some this year.    I love my tomato sandwiches, with whipped dressing (not mayo), white onion, salt and pepper, all on rye german bread    Tastes sooo good.  I think I ate too much, thank goodness tomato's are healthy.

Tried to work on Lotro tonight, but the lag on my computer was too much.   Really wish I had a different internet provider.   Evil 3 year plan.

Planning for a yard sale this weekend.  Should be good.  I'm going to put a whole bunch of geeky things out for people.  Still need to clean-up the garage, and find things for the sale.

Time to head for bed, or think about heading to bed.    Laters peeps.

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