Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Monday

So this was my first back to work at Community Living, after a week of lovely holidays.   Leading up to the first day of work, I'm always apprehensive, and dreading going back into the proverbial grind.    Of course when I actually got back to work everything seemed back to normal.    Still, I'll miss the times when I could sleep in.

I've been doing alot of gaming on Lord of the Rings Online (Lotro), and working on my Rune keeper on Landroval server.  I really like the general feel of the community on Landroval, as opposed to the Firefoot server.   People are at the Prancing Pony inn playing music, or doing stories, really good feel.    Anyways, my runekeeper is level 22 (yaaa), and delving into the Lone-Lands.   Lots of fun.

The website .. a casual stroll to mordor celebrated their one year anniversary.  Kudos to them.   Definitely the most entertaining source of Lotro on the web.  They did have an anniversary party on Landroval last Saturday night.  Complete with Hiders and Seekers game, Riddle contest, and lots of music from a Lotro band.   Seriously sweet.

I watched the movie 'Moon' that my pastor lent me.   A really great Sci-fi flick based on the Moon (go figure).   It was really well done, and was amazingly done considering that it was done with a budget of $5 million.  The story was really well developed.   I'll put a link to it at the bottom if your interested.

I heard that George Lucas is releasing the Star Wars series on Blu-ray in 2011.  There's even some deleted scenes that will be included.   Knowing Lucas, the transfer will be top-notch.

The movie Expendables was #1 this past weekend in the box-office.    Again, great action movie.

Time to head to bed,  gotta work tomorrow.  :)

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