Friday, August 13, 2010

Expendables Uncovered

Ok, so this year we've had some awesome action movies, there was the Losers, and then there was A-Team.   Really good action movies.  There's Inception as well, but it was more of a thinker than and all out action bonanza.

The Expendables is the best, most adrenaline pumping action movie of the summer bar none.   If you like action movies... well, this is the one to go to.

Now, be warned, there are a couple F-Bombs, and the violence can get intense .. but if these things don't bother you, well, again.  see this movie.

I really enjoy the fact that all of the characters get some good screen time, and really ... it's great to see Dolph Lungren do a great job.  

The highlight of the movie though is Mickey Rourke, and the humanity that he brings to his scenes.   There's one monologue that he has, that really brings heart and soul to the picture.  

This is Stallone's baby, and he's really done a great job directing this movie.

Like I've mentioned ... definatly NOT a family friendly film.   But if your a fan of the action genre, this one has got it all.

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