Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to School Again ....

Well, I did it.   After 18 years of no schooling, I applied to Mythgard Institute  Which is basically Tolkien studies.    Why?   Seemed like a fun way to get my MA in English Lit. by reading about elves, dragons, and strange wardrobes.   
My first course starts at the end of August, and alot of it is going to be online.    This is going to take copious amounts of reading, and writing, and who knows how much coffee.   It's great that I don't have a life, because I won't know what I'll miss --- besides arduous amounts of gaming.
The challenge:  going back to school after so long, and pull off unbeatable marks.    This should be interesting.   I'm hoping my brain doesn't get fried after the first month.

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