Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Theocracy Love.

I've been on an ITunes binge lately, because there's just so much good music out there, that you DON'T find in your local Christian bookstore.   One of my favorite new bands is 'Theocracy'.    This band was started by one man ... Matt Smith back in 2003.   You can check out their webpage for bio stuff here.  Their website also has a very active forum, free music, and video snippets of behind the scenes workings of their newest album.

Theocracy has fun, the band releases a new Christmas song every year, and a new full album of regular tunes is coming out this year.    For fun, on April first they pulled a prank on their fans, releasing a song 'Skeletor goes to Mars' saying that it will be on their upcoming album.  

I can't think of a band that has spent this amount of energy producing songs just for their fans, and for the sheer fun of it.  

Here's two of my favorite tunes from their 2008 'Mirror of Souls Album' ....

New Christmas songs each year ... So cool, even on hot summer days...

Theocracy is starting a tour in Europe this October, and I'm hoping that the new cd will be released by then.  Until then, I'll just keep rockin out to their old tunes, which are still new tunes to me.

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