Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finding the Republic

Over the last weekend I played the beta for Biowares upcoming MMO 'Knights of the Old Republic'.    I had a blast.    I can't say anything more than that because its still under the NDA (Non-Disclosure Act).    But it was fun times, and it caused me to get a little excited about it's upcoming release in December.  I'll talk about the good and bad in a future blog.

Because of my positive experience which I can't talk about, I FINALLY finished the novel by Sean Williams 'Star Wars the Old Republic: Fatal Alliance'   It was a good book that gives us a glimpse of the setting of the Old Republic.    I started this book in early summer, and got within the last 50 pages and left it alone.   I get this way sometimes when I read a decent novel, and don't want my favorite characters to get in way over their heads.   I picked it up this week (after what, a 4 month hiatis) and finished it.    So it isn't up there in terms of Awesomeness like some other novels, but the ending resolution of the characters make it enjoyable.   

Out this week is a more important novel in my view ... Revan.  What keeps Star Wars cool in my book isn't the movies, but the video games, in particular the classic pc game 'Knights of the Old Republic' ...which takes place around 2000 years before the movies (as all things Old republic)  

First of all this in my opinion is what storytelling in a game should be, and this is what brought Bioware to my attention (no, not Balder's Gate -- never did finish that game).   Secondly it brought a great character in the one called 'Revan', and now we get to learn more of this man.    Drew Karpyshyn is a great author, and also a founder of Bioware.  So I am definatly looking forward to getting this novel in the mail.

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