Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Flash Strikes Back..

The Flashpoint Paradox is one of the best Animated movies to come from DC.    The Flash takes center stage in the main story, while the JLA are more supporting characters, which is nice since he's one of my faves in the JLA roster and one of most under utilized.    Seriously, he should of had a movie before this.   But I digress.   This movie is a time travel movie that has some neat twists and turns.    This is also a movie which best translates what DC does best .. basically beat the living crap out of its heroes like its no one's business and allow the reader to come out of the experience fulfilled because at the end of the day, everything is good, there is hope.   There are also consequences that last ... in a good touchy feely way too.   Stupid sawdust in the room!!

At the end of this movie you will see Batman and Superman be and act as you have never EVER seen them before .. and its good.    That's all I'll say about them.

This movie is BRUTAL so you guys with kids (you know who you are)    There are several scenes that are pretty intense.   You have a hanging, decapitation and the slaying of younglings .. er.. children, and a pretty vivid bullet to the head (I see you .. on the other side!!).   Some naughty words are said as well.   Like I said, brutal, but really on par with DC big event things.

I watched this with my 5.1 headset on, and the sound is really incredible.    Great effects.   The music is stellar throughout ... almost want a soundtrack for this one.

2 other things:   -- Aquaman kicks butt .. really hard ... so don't mock the man!   Also, after the credits, there is a little extra really tiny set up for something more.   Not sure what (probably the new 52 JLA movie), but don't forget to check it out.

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