Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sweet vocals dresses in Leather

Strange to think that I haven't posted in a couple years, especially so close to my 200th post!    Oh, well, better late then never... and I thought I would put the attention onto what I've been listening to ..and it is sweet.    There's rock music, and then there's music that makes you feel like empowered, like watching Rocky for the first time, 'Dorthy' has that same effect on me.   The sweet hard vocals from 'Dorthy Martin' makes for some gritty hard hitting rockabilly goodness peppered with rawness that forces you to knock up my testosterone level in the N-th degree.  

This Rock album is filled with  catchy tunes, including some favs of mine .. 'Medicine Man', and the ballad 'Shelter'.   This album is wickedly fun, and if you are into some heavy beats that forces you to crank your car radio & wear leather, check it out.

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