Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rise of the Women Rockers!

I picked up the new letter black cd "Hanging on by a thread", and once again I'm very impressed by the musicianship, and great vocals of another outstanding Christian female rocker band. It's a great thing. I remember in the '80's when the closest thing that you could find to a female rocker was on a Rez album, and even then, it wasn't always a pretty thing. Now we can find bands like Superchick, Fireflight, Flyleaf, and the Letter Black.

I love all of them, and their passions seeps through the songs. Not only that, but they have come into their own style, and are great influences for rocker girls everywhere, and their making a great impact on the music industry itself.

Flyleaf's debut album, self-titled album received not only rave reviews in Christian circles, but in the secular industry as well. They had a song in the newest Die-hard movie incarnation, as well as featured in the 'Rock Band' video game ... something to definatly be proud of.

So if your looking for some good female, guitar wailing good times, check out these bands... a good investment for anyone who likes some metal peddle screaming goodness.

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