Monday, May 31, 2010

Coffee Love

I love coffee.   I've been drinking coffee since I was a kid, and I probably always will.    Some people have comfort foods.  I have comfort drinks.    I used to like going to Tim Hortons to get my brew of awesomeness, and then I switched to McDonalds because, despite the general health issues that come from eating their food, their coffee is alot smoother tasting than 'Timmies'.    Then last summer came Coffee Culture, which is located half a block from where I work.   What a great place!    It serves great tasting coffee, and they support free trade with the coffee farmers; and they also give you the choice of organic coffee!!   They also have this great sayings on their mugs, 'We're changing the Culture'.   The more I contimplate this, the more I come to understand that this is exactly the mission of the Church.   Beyond the surface of the saying itself, think about the analogy a little bit.

Each cup has this saying, and the message is ... with one cup of coffee we are changing the culture, the way it drinks its coffee.   What if the Church, you and  I, do that on a daily basis.   Changing the way people view the Church, and most importantly view the person of Christ, by just doing one simple thing ... like giving a word of encouragement, giving a helping hand ... or even giving a free cup of coffee to SOMEONE.   This is how we change culture, this is how we become world changers.   Giving of yourself to someone just because the love of God impels us too.

For as long as there has been the Church institution, we have messed things up, and have lost the message of simply giving a part of that grace that God has so freely given to us.    I think this is because we like stuff big, and loud, and part of that is pride ... ok, maybe alot of it is pride.    But by giving of ourselves, in a simply way, every day ... I think we can do what a simple coffee has put as a slogan ... 'We're changing the Culture', not for our own ends, or theological/ political point of view; but by a natural extension of the love of Christ in our own lives.   Just a thought for the day.

On a less sermony note, put up a picture of my character from Star Trek online.    Check it out here 

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