Monday, June 14, 2010

The Buzz about FIFA ...

 I'm starting to catch the soccer fever these days ... or should I say soccer FIFA.    My word I'm having a new respect for the guys trotting all about the huge field chasing the ball around.   I wish watching soccer would, through the amazing power of visual osmosis make me lose the weight that I've been trying to lose.   Well, ok, CASUALLY trying to lose.

Since Canada didn't make it into the tournament, I suppose due to my inherent German background I'll cheer for Germany.    It helps that they won their first game 4-0.   Good going team.   I'd actually cheer for the U.S. as well, if they had a chance to make it to the finals.   To their credit though, the Yanks tied with England 1-1 ... which is actually an accomplishment.   But seriously, I doubt that they'll go farther.

Now, there is quite the buzz about the instruments that the South Africans around blowing about, known as the vuvuzela.   Strange name, but basically it's a plastic horn that in a soccer stadium, gives off a huge background 'Buzz'.   It's like being swarmed by killer bee's .. which, coincidently, also live in Africa.   To be blunt, it's really, really annoying.   So annoying that despite my desire to hear the great commentating of the games, I just put the tube on mute and watch the game.   

There's a bit of controversy about the noise, as you can guess.. most people on the planet can't stand it, but it's an African noise-maker, so in respect to the host country of FIFA, there will be no change in the rules, and people will continue to bring these plastic noise horns to the games.   At first, I was in favor if banning the plastic nuisance, but now I think we should respect the cultural tradition of soccer fans in South Africa, but urge the broadcasters to soften the noise on their end.   You'd think it being a digital age and all, that there would be a way to do it.  

On another topic.   I picked up FIFA 2010 for my xbox 360 yesterday.    Great game, and lots of options.   I'm working on getting Canada into the World Cup in the game, I figure if not in real life, than a virtual win is better than nothing.   GO CANADA!!   So far I really, really suck at the game.    Good news though ... No Vuvuzela in the game .... silence at last.

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