Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time to Adjust

So I went to the movies, and had a chance to see 'The Adjustment Bureau', and was loving it.    There's great chemistry between Emily Blunt, and Matt Damon, a great scifi element, and just plain fun.   The movie is, in the wider scope of things, about the role of Free will.   Now, this isn't a movie that would be theologically correct in many ways, but it does make one think at the end of it, and I appreciate that.    There is the question of 'how hands off is God in the workings of the world'?   We say 'God is in control', but how much control given free will?   These are things that I think can be encouraged for people to talk about, for Christians and non-Christians alike.
Beyond that, this is just a great 'date' movie ... as I became increasingly aware of how alone I am *sigh*, but the action is great, considering that there is no real violence in the movie, and no bad language that my brain remember.   There is a love scene, but there's nothing to see, thanks to the camera work.

I love Emily Blunts character in this movie, but for a minute I though that she resembles Felicia Day (shown below), from 'The Guild (and many other web shows).   Strange, I know.     Anyway, this was a great movie ... maybe not theologically, but it will make you talk, and it's great to have an action movie that great for a couple.

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