Monday, March 14, 2011

What keeps you Playing?

So my character made another costume change, and I think it has the proper 'Burgler' look.   (Never mind how hard it is to find the right pieces of clothing that takes color the way you want it too)This is part of what I really enjoy about Lord of the Rings Online.   Character customization.   Now there are other games that do it better, but Lotro has other things that keep me lovin this virtual world.   Between the story, the questing, and the fact that my buds are also playing this game .. it's a no-brainer.

There are times when I'm take a break from the game, but after a few days I have a hankering to tinker around in the land of Middle-Earth.   Even if its just to goof around and run on the fences in the shire, or grind out some rep just to get a new pony ... you can never have enough mounts!!

I just finished Volume 1 of the main storyline, and it was great.  Not the constant running around, but the story, which was so engaging.   It was a satisfying moment to not only finally finish the story of Volume 1, but to be a part of it.    Kudos to the writers, they did a great job.

Looking forward to finishing Volume 2, and do more grouping with my burg.   Until then, time to put in some 'Fringe' and eat some popcorn.

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