Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to Scifi ...

I got back a bit into Star Trek Online, partly because of Jupiter Broadcasting, and because it is such a great game.    People griped when STO was released with bugs, but I understand why Cryptic did it ... because if they didn't they would of lost the license.   If you have a IP like Star Trek, you hold on to it until your hands bleed, and even then you have teeth!!   But the game has come a long way, and it keeps drawing me back, and everytime I do, things have changed for the better.    The best thing I guess, is that it's now free-to-play.    I have a lifetime sub, so it was sort of meh, but its a great thing if your a star trek fan and have been waiting to get into SOMETHING star trek that doesn't cost a cent.

The BEST thing about this game, besides being star trek, is that it has a 'foundry' ... stories based on what the players themselves have made.   There's a rating system for each player made mission.    If you want to stay away from craptacular episodes... Check out Jupiter Broadcasting's SToked for the best of the best.

Also of not.. Cryptic is making more 'episodic' content starting in February ... Which is always good.   Why?  Because they are memorable, and well done.   You also get some great rewards!   Also, for the next few weeks, Q is out and about because its the games 2 year anniversary.   Huzzah.

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