Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Arrow ep. 105 Review

Just watched the newest Arrow episode titled 'Damaged'.   I'm thinking that its probably the best  of the Arrow series, with some nice moments splattered throughout it.   The whole cast has their part, and it was great seeing Deathstroke -- in all geeky wonderment.   Best yet, unlike the Smallville series, this LOOKED like Deathstroke, and he has some great fighting chops.   There are a couple great little fight scenes, nothing major, but they were done very well.    Ollie at the end taking some gunsmugglers down ... it was butt kickly good.  

Best Parts:
- All the fight scenes pretty decent.
- Ollie talking to Dinah .. some pretty good acting
- Mention of Dinah wearing Fishnet stockings one Halloween -- Geeky good
- Diggle is awesome, but I'm also enjoying Salmon's acting as Walter Steele -- I don't think he's showing up again for a bit, but I really like his character
- At the end of the show Ollie's costume, leggings and such look less black, and more green.   Nice.

Worst Parts:
- Ollie torture scene -- though it is a cool idea, I just didn't think it was played to the best by Amell.  The Director should of made Ollie look more .. tortured, exhausted.    Ok, and the wig on Ollie, not cool .. someone call make-up.    This brings up another thing, that sadly can't be fixed easily ... Ollie is FREAKING  buff, and to play the role he needs to be, but when Ollie is trying to convince his sister that he's not the Arrow in a tight sweater well it takes a better talking too than that to covince anyone (and it does look like his sister doesn't believe him at the end montage).  Its just one of those weird funny moments.  
- The music was too forced, and you see this at the end montage were I swear the music made it seem like we were watching a soap opera.    Another soap opera thing ...Walter saying good by to Moira, who is at the top of the staircase.   ugg Cheesiness

Really looking forward to next episode were Ollie doesn't just follow his 'list', but goes after criminals.  Woot.

4 Arrows out of 5

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