Saturday, November 3, 2012

Paper due, I'm not

Ok, I have a paper due tomorrow night, and I have NO desire whatsoever of doing it, no inclination.   Lots of procrastination though.   Instead I've tweeted, and printed up pdf rules for 2 boardgames: Conquest of Planet Earth, and The Age of Conan.   The latter I haven't tried yet, but after watching a video on Board game Geek, I think I'm set for it *chortle*.    CoPE I played for the first time on Thursday and had a great time.   Anytime you and a friend can NUKE each other, I think its a good thing.    One of the greatest things about CoPE is that you don't die, but its a continual race to get 8 'terror' points from the humans (in the 1950's btw).

I have a new roomate .. his name is TAZZ .. short for Tassimo.  Yup, did the big plunge and went into Canadian Tire, and spent my $70 in CDN TIRE money (coupons) toward it.   So, for the last two days I've been drinking coffee and lots of Hot Chocolate.   Now that I've worn in the machine, I will resume a more responsible amount of coffee and HC consumption.   I love me gadgets.

Ok, I will attempt to once more work on my paper.   Though I'm wondering if the whole thing matters, since I still haven't got the marks from my previous paper .. that was finished at the end of September.   Heck, I haven't even gotten my final marks from my course which I finished in April!!   Ah, enough ranting, time to get cracking.  

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  1. Kuri is going to get jealous of Tazz if you continue this two-timing ;)

    Get to work will you!!