Sunday, December 30, 2012

Legend of Andor .. oh yea

Looking forward to getting Legend of Andor in the mail within the next week.   Really enjoy the concept of a narrative adventure game (similar to Mice and Mystics).    Why is it awesome?   Check out this video.   Love this guy's walkthroughs.

So I've played through Robinson Crusoe .. the most complex cooperative board game EVER.   It's also the most logical, the most adventurous and well design games that I have ever played.   Basically your stranded on a deserted Island and your trying to survive.  There are 6 scenerio's included in the game and a seventh that you can download (it has KING KONG!!! but is, alas, all in german).   No doubt an english translation of the King Kong scenerio is forthcoming.

It is a game of exploration, resource management and decisions that will make you tear out your hair.  The game plays very smoothly and the cards have flavor texts that keep you in the story.  But everything makes sense, the design is pretty much flawless.   The only thing that could make the game better is a more complete rule book, but even that is a minor quibble because of the logic of the game, the 20 page FAQ on BGG.

I've played through the game twice solo, lost miserably due to weather.   Check out the walkthrough here (This guy talks real quick, but it should give you a quick general idea of the game.   Better walkthroughs are on BGG (if you have over an hour of free time ;D  )


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