Monday, January 21, 2013

Wargaming made anew ..

Beyond the gates of Antaries is an upcoming wargame for the creative mind that brought us Warhammer.   I've never played Warhammer, as I was missing two very important things .. A store to pick up Warhammer and money to plunk down on the beast that Warhammer is.   Lets face it, it is a daunting game.   Not only cost wise, but painting as well.    Some things have changed though ..

First up, I'm starting to enjoy doing painting of minatures ..not that I'm good at it by any means, but in a way I find it very theraputic, and a great way to relax.   Also, the reward of in a way bringing a lifeless figure to life (speaking figuratively .. see what I did there ;D  ) is very cool.   Not only this but each brush stroke, for me and my illusterous creative mind.. brings a story to each figure.   Now like I said I'm no great artist, but I enjoyed my first real foray into painting with my Shards of Aschardalon boardgame from Wizards of the Coast.

Secondly .. is the game mentioned above.    Beyond the Gates of Anataries may just be the thing to get me into wargaming.   First, its going to be a universe that is changed and moved (within certain parameters) by the community.   What you play, when you play counts towards its overarching story.   I like to think of it as Eve Online... but with minatures.    Also, this isn't just a game being created by some young upstarts .. but by Rick Priestly .. one of the key designers of the Warhammer Universe .. but this game isn't Warhammer.   The setting is based more on direct science, instead of supernatural.   Which is great for me, because one of the great deterrents of Warhammer is the dark themes and ..well.. lets face it, I don't need darkness in my life, I've got winter and that's enough for me.

I've been checking out some vids for this kickstarter, and it looks interesting.   Will I go down the poverbrial rabbit hole and support big 'Beyond the gates of Antaries' .. not sure, but if I give a buck toward it, I'll get the lowdown on the rules and may get a foothold into something that might be the link between tabletop gaming and the mmo.   Which is kind of cool.


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