Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jurassic 3D .. Good or Bad?

Ok, I had the movie bug, which strangely happens every Friday night.. can't figure that one.   Anyway, there was a lack of choices for anything new coming out, so I went to Jurassic 3D.   Why Jurassic when I can pick this up relatively cheap for a few bucks at Walmart?   Because its in 3D and its got dinosaurs... if there is any movie that deserves 3D Love it would be this one.   It's not going to be a Top Gun 3D 'moneygrab'.  

Well, my verdict is this .. go and see it in 3D if you have not seen the movie in some time (such as myself .. haven't see this in years) and/or you have teens that have not yet seen the movie.   It is the best way to see a dino movie.    Is the 3D THAT good?   Well its better than most, and better than watching it in 2D.   Now don't forget that this version doesn't clean up the story, but I still had a good time.   Again, not seeing this movie in 15 years aided my enjoyment.   Also, the Dino's do stand the test of time, which is a credit to Spielburg and the animators.  

Go see it, enjoy.   First time in a while I heard audiences clapping after a movie.   Good stuff.

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