Thursday, March 21, 2013

Romulans coming to Star Trek Online

Check out the upcoming expansion coming to Star Trek Online .. Romulans!!    Ok, this isn't really a surprise because lets face it, fans have been clamoring for Romulans in STO since the game first launched.    Thankfully they waited until now to do this, because I think that they will actually do this race justice.    STO had a rough start from the beginning, I know since I have a lifetime sub to it, and have heard all the outrage about the game when Cryptic first released it.    But since the change to free to play indeed over time, this game continues to grow in quality and in following.    It is a very good solid MMO.   The release of the Romulan Expansion is a testament to a growing playerbase, and Perfect World/Cryptic's commitment to the game.   


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