Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fantasy from Mercs coming soon.

So the Mercs guys are also dabbling in a fantasy motif called Myth .. soon to be on Kickstarter.    Good for them.   Check out the article from

Also the MERCS forums.   Facebook.

More MERCS is also on their plans, including a dice game, rpg etc... that the developers hope their Kickstarter (MYTH) will bring in enough cash to develop.    Awesome.   I hope they make tons of cash.

I just received two more MERC factions in the mail, Sedafu, and Kemvar.   I think these will be the last ones I get for awhile.    My goal was to have enough variety to bring these suckers out to play, as well as have enough that other players can try out MERCS themselves.   I also think that my desire to paint mini's has finally been satiated.       

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