Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lancer .. Humorous and Disturbing *sigh*

I picked up Lancer's album in January and loved  the music from it.   Then I saw their newest video .. and .. ya it disturbed me and yet ... if you stay to the very end, you sort of get the whole tongue and cheekiness of it.
I had the same feeling that I had when I was in Bible College, and there was a talent night.    One of my good friends thought he'd show a home-video movie (this is back in the early '90's).     Basically it was sort of like Die Hard 2 ish ... there were snowmobiles .. shootings with fake blood.   Really just something that a bunch of friends would do to blow off an afternoon.    Bringing it to show at a talent night ... with kids in the audience ... NOT a good idea.   I had a queasy moment in my stomach at my friends embarrasement.    We laughed at it over time, but at THAT time, I felt bad for him, and he turned it off and apologized to the audience.    For some reason this video reminded me of that same moment, which is like .. I know you guys are having a blast making this, but you missed the boat on bringing a decent video that will help bring to your music to the masses.    .. But, I could be wrong.   Who knows.  Live and learn

This site has trouble with youtube vids, so here's the link:

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