Sunday, February 6, 2011

New STO Episodic content ...

This weekend introduced us Star Trek Online Players to a new episode series "Cloaked Intentions", and I just finished the first episode in this series called  "The Vault".   Basically checking out a Romulan Starbase, the one that Nero constructed his ship in (Nero from the newest Star Trek movie).   Very cool episode, in which you take a shuttle into this huge station and unravel a cool story point involving the Reman.   Anyway, here are a few pics of my journey.   Funny enough, doing this episode reminded me of the Old Atari game 'Defender'.

My Delta Flyer shooting its lazers!!
The station, now (apparently) abandoned, is a city unto itself..
the size of a small moon (or like a certain Death Star)
Romulan's have been experimenting on a Borg Sphere
In the middle of the station, looking below.
The C-Store in STO had a Delta Flyer for sale, so I bought it, and it worked great on this mission.   Nice new ride, leather seating... all good.

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