Saturday, February 26, 2011

Unknown Movie

Unknown: A NovelWent to the movies last night, for the first time in a while (for me that's like 4 weeks), and saw 'Unknown' the latest movie with Liam Neeson.   My favorite movie of his will always be 'Taken' .. such a great flick, and I went into this expecting some cool action, and great story.    And for the most part it delivers, though it plays out more like a mystery more than a straight on action flick.

It doesn't have the emotional resonance of taken, or the cool moves, but when Liam Neeson's  character wakes up from a 4 day coma after a car accident, and finds everything he used to know become all twisted, it's a fun ride to see where this is heading.

In some ways the ending becomes cleaned up a bit to quick in the end, but really, this is a great movie some some nice twists.   You are still left with some questions at the end, and your still not sure how you got there, but I can definately see a sequel possibility out of this.    A great movie to catch, considering there's nothing else out there to watch (unless you count the King's Speech ... which is a must see flick).

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