Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow, Cellphones, and Other silliness

The cell phone is toast!!  All hail no cellphone!   It's been a long time since I didn't have a cellphone, at least 8 years or something like that.   It feels good to be free from the mechanical menace that dares to dictate the decisions and designs of my days.   I'll be sending my Blackberry away on Friday to get fixed.   Considering the efficiency of Bell I'll probably have it back and fixed by Spring.   I consider that this will be my sacrifice for Lent, though it isn't my choice, so I don't know if it really counts... but considering that I never give up anything for Lent, I'll consider it a step in the right direction.

My car underwent an expensive repair last week, I had to replace and doohickey, that was supposed to be attached to my thingymajig .. there goes $875.   It's a strange thing to have your paycheck handed to you, and then just hand it right to the mechanic.    I do have to credit the Lord for a) giving me a job b) enabling me to have the money to finish said repairs.   So finances are tight this month, but I'm thankful that everything worked out.  Still gotta find a nice day to clean out the car.

It snowed alot on Wednesday, and we had to get someone to blow out the 5+ft. high drift that I encountered outside my front door.   It was a job greater than the ability of my snow blower.    On the positive, I was home, safe and sound during the storm.   Made the work week alot shorter.   Very nice.

Tonight Green Bay beat Pittsburgh 31-25  Good for Cheeseheads.

Working through the Psalms in my main blog:  Still thinking of going through Acts or Romans.   The Psalms are good, but it's always nice to balance it with a NT scripture.

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