Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Carving up the past ...

Once more, I'm back ... I find I'm taking way to many breaks from posting, which is weird, considering that I actually enjoy doing this.   But stuff keeps getting in the way.    Anyway, I am finally done with youth ministry after 11 1/2 years running a youth center, and like ... over 20 years of basically working with teens total.   It feels good to finally be done.

I attended my last meeting tonight, and though it was good seeing everyone for the last time, it was better knowing that, that chapter of my life is over.   Not that it was torture or anything, but I'm like a rabbit that has a carrot on a stick, and I'm driven to move ahead and leave what is behind.

You can check out my last newsletter I made for the youth center here.

God has been pushing me to this moment for a long time.   Tonight He gave me the idea for a book that I know He's been wanting me to write for a long time.    Not quite sure if it will take the form of a bible study, or a stand alone book.    I guess it all depends how things flow with the project.

Funny, I always thought I'd write a work of fiction, but if it's a study guide, but, so be it.   I'd mention the topic, and title, but that will wait for another time.    Needless to say, my main thoughts are written down quicklyas it came to me on my drive to the meeting that I attended.

On another topic: New Munsters TV show  Seriously, do we really need it?    They've tried to remake the classic cult series before, with disastrous results.   Unless it's black and white, and done with a  laugh track, the idea should remain dead and buried.   So hard to find original ideas on TV now-a-days.

Musically, I just downloaded the new Crystavox CD  ... as Christian metal goes, especially in the '90's, this was one of THE best bands out there.   This NEW Cd is a remix of their older stuff, and if you want some great Biblical messages, with massive doses of Metal, this is the band to listen to, and this is the CD to get.

Gaming-wise, been working a little on LOTRO, and Turbine has a new pumpkin carving contest, click to check it out.  I'm tempted to try my hand at it ... we'll see how bored I am.

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