Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gobbled Sunday...

Taxi, TAXI!!
Turkey in a Can, I had that for supper.   I don't think that's natural, but there it is.   Had a great morning and Church, celebrating First Baptist Meaford's 126 anniversary.   I had cake, ice cream and pizza.  Life is good with cake, ice cream and pizza.   Anyway, as a way to balance everything out, I decided 'NO' to carbs and had a salad for supper with *sigh* canned Turkey.   So, instead of being somewhat healthy, the amount of salt in a can of turkey is astronomical.  I can feel my arteries hardening.    Not only was this a bad choice, but I watched the Addams Family movie on tv, with Popcorn.   Well, tomorrow is another day.

I remember an old Woody Allen movie where he's transported to the future, and he found out that everything was backwards .... all the junkfood was good for you, and not harmful.   THAT would be a great place.  

Gaming wise, I am now 'Kindred' with Forchel, which means buying a new mount.    It's furry.  One thing I've noticed with Lord of the Rings Online, the festival steeds look really amazing, but the horses that you really work hard on, and spend hours grinding  out, are sort of lackluster in comparison.    Well, at least the Forchel steed is the only one with long fur.  .. still, I think Turbine could of made the saddle a little fancier.

Next up, Inn league steed.  Gotta catch'em all.

I think I'm going to look more seriously at getting my masters degree in theology.   McMaster has a one day per week set up, which may work really well with my current schedule.    It'll take 5 years.    I think one day a week would be all that I could handle.

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