Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Tunes

Tiger Suit I picked up the new KT Tunstall Cd.   Very awesome stuff.   I really enjoyed her previous album (drastic fantastic), but this one really brings out KT's rocker stylings with some hip-hop soul.  It seems strange to read, but the music seems more free, and fun.    Anyway, if you want a more mature sounding album, with some edge to it, check it out.  

Not much happening today, I did some repair work on the Garage, throwing some cement into some cracks.    Spent most of the day on the computer, doing some harvest festival stuff, as well as working on getting some rep from Forchel for my Burglar.  I also checked out the podcast from, and the podcast from

I also finished listening to the commentary from Tim Conway on The Private Eyes [Blu-ray] which is a great movie.  I enjoyed hearing about the late Don Knotts.  You can tell that the budget on this movie was really low, but the comedy still stands up, thanks to the mastery of Knotts and Conway.   There are some errors that stand out, like when the movie is supposed to be a period piece, early 20th century, but in the distance you can make out transport truck driving down a highway.   There are a few other things, but really, it can be forgiven.   The only extras on this blu-ray is the commentary, and some photos.    I wish that there was more, especially considering that I spent $37 on it.   Ahh, the price of a classic I guess.

On Netflix today, I checked out Big Trouble in Little China Poster B 27x40 Kurt Russell Suzee Pai Dennis Dun and though the humor is very hokey, it's also very awesome.   Kurt Russell pulls off the role amazingly.   Almost forgot that John Carpenter made this flick (as well as 'The Thing' which also starred Kurt Russell), and that Kate Cattrall starred in this movie as well.   Really prefer her in this than in any Sex in the City show.   I wish that they would do a sequel to this movie.  

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