Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mad Meaford Blogger on the Loose!!

MAD MEAFORD BLOGGER BLOGS AT MIDNIGHT!!   Well, ok, maybe not.  Anyways, I was reading the 'Meaford Express' today, and apparently there is someone blogging false accusations about the Mayor Francis Richardson an the Meaford town council.   Apparently the blogger is saying false stuff about the towns budget, use of money etc. etc.   I think this is causing some steam due to the fact that it's election season, and Next week is the big vote.   There were 2 articles on the subject done by reporter Chris Fell.

I find a couple things EXTREMELY amusing about the whole thing.   First, it's a bloody blog.   Anyone can blog crap, and most people do.   Hey look at my pages, talk about over-exaggeration.   Really, how much weight does an 'Anonymous Blog' give??  

Secondly, The town counsel is actually going to look into doing something legal about this?? Seriously, your going to spend tax payer's money on a legal suit against an Anonymous Blogger??  Really??    Spending $100/hr on a lawyer to just prove a point?  Use the money instead on infrastruction, or youth employment initiatives, or the fire department.  

The paper does say that the town is pretty open to its books, and that there is no wrong doing.   Which is great I think.   I also think it's great that the Mayor is very open to the public about the books.    Cool, Great.   But why, WHY bring attention then to a blogger that is "anonymous" to the public.   You just gave CREDIBILITY to the blogger.

Ahh, maybe this is a conspiracy, maybe there is no ANONYMOUS BLOGGER, but it's the Mayor and counsel making this all up, so that they can inadvertently show to those few of us that read the Meaford Express, that everything is on the up and up?!  ;)

I laugh at the small town sometimes, and a counsel that gets upset over a blog that we can't read, since the blog is anonymous.   Yes, I've used the word 'anonymous' way to many times.    Anyway, I think that the Blogger is really Homer Simpson ... who else would have so much fun causing an uproar in the community?   Hopefully Lisa stops him from typing anymore, before the Town considers legal action against anyone twittering or Facebooking some evil plot against the counsel.

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