Thursday, October 21, 2010

I see RED!

Went to the movies tonight, and watched the movie RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous).   It was a great spy(ish) romp, and it was great to see Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, and John Malchovich together in a movie.    Also worth the ticket to admission is the appearance of Ernest Borgnine.   Man, it's awesome to see him still acting.  

The movie had lots of great action, and really, and the ending was fantastic (btw, stay away from Mordovia)

Most of my time was spent doing Harvestmath quests in the shire, and attempting to get that elusive skeletal horse.

Blogg wise, I'm considering arranging my blogs, and have this one become a fanfic for my burg, while doing different blogs for different things.   Stay tuned for more info.

Finally, here is a pic of a sunset that I took with my blackberry, as I was on the way to the movies.   Kinda looks like the sun is firing lasers through the clouds.   I like it.   Wish I had a real camera with better quality with me at the time though.

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