Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Thursday of No Happenstance

Ha, haven't blogged in a bit, but here's a recap of my life yesterday:
a) car backed into my car while doing my Schooling.   All is well, and not even a scratch... good stuff.
b) Found out that I can do my Schooling over my phone, through the handy new app  'GoToMeeting'.   Great stuff ... except for that whole car crash thingy.
c) Played Arkham Horror at the Giddy Goblin game shop for the first time.  Great game, and lots of nice variant through the cards.   Not into that whole horror thing, but the 1930's setting is great.
d) McDonald's Monopoly game is out woot!  .. but if you win food and stuff, you have to go into the restaurant, and can't cash in through the take-out window .. which sucks.   BTW you also have to answer a math question (answer 38) and sign away your life.    Seriously!!   Way to much work for a freebee ... like Timmies contests so much better.
e) Got home at 10:30 -- watched Iron Sky with the commentary .. really a great movie.

Updated life of Today ...
a) Finished watching Iron Sky with commentary .. still loved it.
b) Woke up with a leg cramp.. seems to happen every time I'm gaming for long periods of time at Giddy Goblin ... must be the seats.   Gotta remember to stand more often.
c) Went to Tim Hortons, and enjoyed the new Pumpkin Spice Muffin .. so crazy good.
d) Watched a new Geek and Sundry video on Pandemic.   So love that game.
e) ... CRAP CRAP CRAP >>@.@  I picked up the Wow Pandaran expansion... crazy stupid .. but ... I like Pandas .. is that so wrong?!?!   Crazy it is!!  But its ... pandas ... how can .. I not play?!?!

Ah such is life.   Time to go.. its PANDA TIME!!

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