Monday, October 8, 2012

Turkey Got Balls

Thanksgiving and Turkey Balls go so well together.   Had an awesome day hanging out with friends playing board games, pretending to watch football, and eating copious amounts of Turkey (Balls) and Pumpkin Pie.   Nothing really gets better than that.   Board games include:  Rattus, Railroad Tycoon Europe, Pandemic, and ... something else.    Probably the highlight was Pandemic, because there's nothing like staving off a global disease with good friends.   Speaking of Pandemic, check out what happened to World of Warcraft as a hacker used an exploit and destroyed major cities.  Lots of lol, and of course Wow fixed the exploit, but still, very funny.

And for those who like to chuck their Turkeys' here's a nice link to the upcoming Walking Dead Season 2 Action Figures (by Todd McFarlane).   If you haven't seen season 2, well these figures are the 'highlight' of the zombies in this season.    Honestly the well zombie ... that was a freaky one ... remember folks, never lift a zombie out of a well with a rope, if he's been there for a few weeks!  .. this is one to grow on.   Click here for more.

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