Friday, October 5, 2012

Taken it 2 ya

So I just came back from seeing Taken 2 in theaters.  Its was awesome, with sprinkles!!   Now is it as good as the original?  Heck no, but it would be impossible since the original not only had sprinkles but it was dipped in caramel and topped with whipcream while coming with a coffee.    I love reading the reviews of this movie, and I'm trying to wonder what the critics thought that Taken 2 was going to be about.    Because the movie got slagged for it's repeat premise .. but .. its Taken 2!

Anyway, this movie had lots of great action, not enough, but it was still great.    The chemistry between Liam's character and the daughter and mother is really what keeps the movie going, and I have warm fuzzy's whenever the characters interact.  I'm a softy that way.  

What the movie is lacking is the action, while it was great, it could of been better, with more interesting fight scenes, and many times it was being cut too fast.   I want to see some awesome moves, not bumpy camera movement on the action parts.    Also, the final scene between Liam and the bad guy, whatever his name is (really .. it doesn't matter does it?) was ... weird.... I'll just say that or else I'll spoil  for ya.

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