Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cape

Ok, so there's a new superhero on tv, and his name is "the Cape", and he uses his .... er Cape to fight crime.    Ok, so here is the good news.     It has lots of action, and pretty good special effects.   The bad news ... er.. the script, and the pacing.   Talk about rushing the first episode.    So much happens, that you can't look away for a minute.    Usually I like that, but this was ridiculous. check out that link for a quick plot update.

I'll give this series some time to develop, but I really wish that they would of used an established Comic book world.   It may of cost NBC more money, but they would of garnered a better response than what this probably will.  Summer Glau is still the best thing about this series.

Mystery Men, the TV series that NBC should of done.   THE SPLEEN!!!!!!

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