Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello STO, nice to meet you again :)

Ah Star Trek Online, the game that keeps me logging in.   I've been doing some DC Universe Online recently, which is nice and all, but there is something about STO that keeps drawing me in.  This time it was advancing my character 'Pojoh' to the Rang of Rear Admiral upperclass ...So close to Vice Admiral I can almost taste it.   There are some cool quests that you can look forward too, like meeting up with Q (Pictured above), and then there's some Undine action in Fluidic space.    I would love to do some big taskforce missions with other players, but my internet can't handle too much.    Today I was rescuing a Romulan vessel from the Borg, and my internet crashed on me.

On the DCU front, things are going well, but I'm surprised how many people have already hit the lvl 30 lvl cap.   I'm thinking that Sony has underestimated the power gaming of people.   Personally I'm thinking in should of been just a stand-alone game .... If you can reach the end game after a week of gameplay, good luck keeping the people years down the road.   Again, it's a very cool superhero game, but I don't think it's going to have the legs to stand the test of time.   I could be wrong, and I hope I am.

In Lotro, lots of lotteries happening, I'm winning a few of them, but really, nothing decent.   Would like the chance to win a new horse, but meh, its all good.    Downtime happening tomorrow for a new patch, I hear that Radiance is going to be eliminated when the patch is done.   On one hand I like not having to grind for Radiance gear anymore, but on the other hand, Radiance made sense to me from a story point of view.   Instead of Radiance being on 'gear' I do think that it should be another character stat, or virtue even. .. Maybe a progression on how much evil you've defeated in Middle earth.  

On my blog:  I'm doing a few bible study sessions on the Psalms, mixing it with some music.    Not sure yet how far I'll go into the Psalms, but so far so good.

Work is going well, did lots of walking about last week.   which is good, though I think I overcompensated with eating things that are not good for me.   Ug, gotta do better this week.   Have to get car repaired in the next week or two, need some new ball joints ($540) ... *sigh* so much for getting a new mattress.

Saw two movies with two different friends.  Watched Yogi Bear ... fun stuff, much like the cartoon, not uproariously funny, but not 'finger in throat' bad either.   Fun stuff.   I also saw 'Green Hornet' which turned out to be a really fun ride.   Not a fan of Seth Rogen, he's neither a superhero figure, nor an actor that can ...well act.   But he seemed to fit the part pretty good , though when he tries to act 'serious' it just seems to hard to believe.   Still, the movie has some nice action, some funny moments and Jay Chou does a great Kato.


  1. Love the update man ... thanks.

    I am not sure about Radiance going away either but I do not believe it is with todays patch so we have it for a little while longer :)

    Here are the notes for you to peruse.,_Patch_2_Official

  2. Very cool. Yeah, got my info all mixed up. But it will happen by March, that and some other announcements can be found at: