Monday, January 17, 2011

Having fun in DCU

'COOL CAT' just hanging out in Metropolis.

Ok, So I've been having a Blast with DC Universe Online, and its surprising how much fun it is compared to the beta.   The game still needs to work on its chat ability for the PC, and as well as add more rpg elements (eg. adding Character background stories, a dedicated rp server etc.), and the targeting need improvement.  Overall though, I'm impressed with its launch.   Now not all was perfect with the launch of DCU (server issues), but it has been alot better than most MMO launches.  I enjoy the game on the PC, though I do think that there should be a way to make keybinds for certain attacks.   I'm sure there will be something coming down the line to help with 'mouse cramping'.

I still have trouble believing that Sony will bring out timely updates to the game for the PC and the PS3, but we'll see down the line.

Probably the best feature of the MMO is the amount of detail of the environment, Gotham City, and Metropolis looks fantastic, and the voice over work is really well done for the most part.   This game does make one feel like a part of a living superhero world, and I think this is a real boost to the DC Universe.  So much so that I wouldn't be surprised if the Marvel MMO gets an extra kick to get going.   

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