Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Racism alive and well in Middle-Earth /slapface

Ok, one of things when I game that I like to do, is make a character that is the least to me as possible.  Why?  because that's part of the experience.   I experience me 24/7/365, the point of going to a movie is to immerse yourself in a different world for 2 hours.  Same in Gaming.    So, what's the farthest thing for me to make?  A black slender woman .. so I created one.   Now this character (Nyota) has been around for a while, at like lvl 12.   One day I decided to put more time into this character, and I joined a kinship (guild).   One day I logged on to my computer, and one of the guildmates said .. "Hello N***R"   ... Even though I'm as Caucasian as you can get, this (and rightly so) deeply offended me.  I reported him, and as far as I know, he's no longer on lotro.   The worst part is that there were other guildmates on, and no one spoke up!  Be it as it may, I left the kin, and got into a better one.

Now, that was the only incident so far, but I was looking around the game world, and really, it's hard to even find a black character around, though it's not like it's really easy to make a black character in the game, you have to choose 'Human' and then a 'Gondor' character, and only then will it work.    Nonetheless, it was an eye-opener and a sad thing to see in-game .. too much of it happens out-of-game.

I count this as an interesting social experiment.   This incident has also spurred me on to playing this character more, and to level her up more than I normally would.

On to other useless news ...
I've been neglecting Star Trek Online.   I really need to get back into that game.

..and ... once more...

I picked up Vork #1 at the local comic shop.   Halarious stuff, and a good little insight into the Vork character.   Hmm, Vork's dad is like really crazy though, wondering if they over did it.   Otherwise, a good addition to your 'the guild' library.

And... yes, I'm doing 3 postings in one day, just realized my 'The narthax' blog is catching up to these postings.

Also, check out my Buddy's blog The Nerd and the Word.   I'm jealous that he though up that title ;)   He's a great guy and a fellow geek.

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